Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting. Below you will find some of my client testimonials:

All of my life I have been engaged in political work. It has been my passion and my vocation. I have always appreciated art but have done so from a distance. I maintained that distance until I saw Olivia Wilder’s work. It happened because I saw her drawings on Facebook and the minute I did I could not get enough.

Her paintings are stunning with color. She uses color the way a great singer uses his/her voice – with passion, commitment and emphasis. And, what she paints and draws is always so beautiful. Her landscapes, her buildings, her people, her animals each and every one draws you in and from that experience one finds oneself smiling and very, very engaged.

So, I contacted her and asked her to paint something for me (I had never in my life asked an artist to paint something for me). I asked her to give me her impression of San Francisco Bay and to do it with color and joy. We talked a lot about it while, at the same time, kept our distance so that she had the most freedom possible to be “Olivia.” From those conversations we became friends.

About four months later I received her work. I was as pleased as I knew I would be. This large, beautiful, red, yellow and exciting impression of the Bay and the City has gone with me from Sacramento, to Washington D.C. and back home to my apartment in Los Angeles. I love looking at it. My friends marvel at it and always want to know how I was able to buy such a beautiful piece.

So, I thank Ms. Wilder for her creative ability and her generous and compelling work. We talk about a second piece – it will happen, I know it will.

Ernie Powell, Los Angeles

I was blown away when I received my original Olivia Wilder painting. She created a stunning portrait of our little dog ‘Baby Rosebud’. I was extremely moved by the thoughtfulness she had put into every stroke of her brush. She perfectly portrayed the very spirit of our dear Rosebud and gave the painting the attention and intimate detail of someone who is truly passionate about their craft.

I love how she brought this piece to life through her use of vibrant colors and impressionist style but yet with true emotion and reality. It is hard to find an artist who is so in tune with their clients and subject matter! I can think of no better artist to commemorate our family in such a light.

I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone seeking a lovely portrait of a loved one, beloved pet or just the beauty of the world around them. I can’t wait to commission some future paintings of luxury properties I sell to give as gifts to my clients.

Olivia Wilder is an amazing artist!

Christophe Choo, Beverly Hills, CA

As an artist who has been drawing and painting for years, people sometimes ask me what I art I like, or whose art I like to collect.

One of my very favorite artists is Olivia Wilder. Her paintings tell rich, colorful stories filled with a unique energy. Her ability to bring characters and places to life is absolutely original and quintessentially expressive. I have a deep respect for the experience and confidence she brings to the craft. Her emotional connections and memories are reflected in the vibrant complexities of her brush strokes.

I often find myself drawn into the work and the connections she is able to create. I’m happy to tell people I love Olivia’s work and I’m very proud to own some of her wonderful paintings.

Martin Owings, St. Paul, MN

I remember the first time I saw Olivia Wilder’s paintings. I was in awe, not only of her skill, but of the varied subjects, themes, and her talent in bringing her ideas to life. Every time I saw new photos of her work, I was impressed all over again. She’s just so good.

Like many people who love art, I played the imaginary game of “Which picture would I like to hang in my home?” It was a hard choice, albeit an imaginary one. I loved so many of them. But there was one called FOG that I really coveted.

The painting is of three vehicles parked on the side of the road on a foggy night on Pacific Coast Highway. There’s a lone truck in the foreground. Being a writer, I’m always attracted to paintings that tell a story or feel like the first scene in a novel.

I was stunned at Christmas to receive “FOG” as a gift from friends who had noticed my admiration for Olivia’s work online. It is a gorgeous painting and I immediately had it professionally framed and hung it in a prominent place in my living room. I get so much pleasure from it every day.

Olivia Wilder is a gifted painter. I hope to own more of her work in the future.

Lisette Brodey, Author, California

When I bought the lovely seascape from Olivia Wilder for my husband, I was unsure what to expect. It looked wonderful in the pictures, but nothing could prepare me for the exquisite beauty that we beheld it upon receiving it.

One can almost smell the ocean and feel the breeze as it moves the water up onto the rock. The small starfish seems to be at times gripping the rock and at others is climbing, such is the nature of her work.

Ms. Wilder’s work contains such beauty that it takes your breath away with the constant wonder she captures in it. I cannot wait to have another to grace my walls.

Marta Moran-Bishop, Author, Massachusetts

I bought one of Olivia Wilder’s paintings that used a variety of gray hues peppered with a little dabs of bright colors here and there, a house, a lit window. I love this painting and the fact that it uses subdued colors as opposed to the bright and bold colors she often uses, showing off her versatility.

I am so glad I bought this painting. It enjoy it so much, and thank Ms. Wilder for it.

Mary Jane Fraser, Washington

I recently had the pleasure of buying one of Olivia’s paintings and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I had a hard time deciding which painting to buy because all of her paintings are high quality and one of a kind!

The painting I decided on is called “Shaken, Not Stirred.” I love it because it’s so vivid and inviting. I can just sit back and imagine myself sitting by this fire on a cool night with a martini in hand. I have received countless complements on this painting and it’s always a topic of discussion when I have guests over. I am in awe of Olivia’s talent and the beautiful colors she uses in her paintings, and I am so happy to have one of her paintings in my house to share with others.

If you are considering buying one of Olivia’s paintings, I would highly recommend her.

Heidi Hackman Barrow, Phoenix, Az.

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