Ernie Powell

All of my life I have been engaged in political work. It has been my passion and my vocation. I have always appreciated art but have done so from a distance. I maintained that distance until I saw Olivia Wilder’s work. It happened because I saw her drawings on Facebook and the minute I did I could not get enough.

Her paintings are stunning with color. She uses color the way a great singer uses his/her voice – with passion, commitment and emphasis. And, what she paints and draws is always so beautiful. Her landscapes, her buildings, her people, her animals each and every one draws you in and from that experience one finds oneself smiling and very, very engaged.

So, I contacted her and asked her to paint something for me (I had never in my life asked an artist to paint something for me). I asked her to give me her impression of San Francisco Bay and to do it with color and joy. We talked a lot about it while, at the same time, kept our distance so that she had the most freedom possible to be “Olivia.” From those conversations we became friends.

About four months later I received her work. I was as pleased as I knew I would be. This large, beautiful, red, yellow and exciting impression of the Bay and the City has gone with me from Sacramento, to Washington D.C. and back home to my apartment in Los Angeles. I love looking at it. My friends marvel at it and always want to know how I was able to buy such a beautiful piece.

So, I thank Ms. Wilder for her creative ability and her generous and compelling work. We talk about a second piece – it will happen, I know it will.

Ernie Powell, Los Angeles