Christophe Choo

I was blown away when I received my original Olivia Wilder painting. She created a stunning portrait of our little dog ‘Baby Rosebud’. I was extremely moved by the thoughtfulness she had put into every stroke of her brush. She perfectly portrayed the very spirit of our dear Rosebud and gave the painting the attention and intimate detail of someone who is truly passionate about their craft.

I love how she brought this piece to life through her use of vibrant colors and impressionist style but yet with true emotion and reality. It is hard to find an artist who is so in tune with their clients and subject matter! I can think of no better artist to commemorate our family in such a light.

I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone seeking a lovely portrait of a loved one, beloved pet or just the beauty of the world around them. I can’t wait to commission some future paintings of luxury properties I sell to give as gifts to my clients.

Olivia Wilder is an amazing artist!

Christophe Choo, Beverly Hills, CA